Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories Is Actually Coming to TV

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Sky Arts has taken the reigns of the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Likely Stories,” originally announced back in October. Now we have actual details.

Likely Stories is going to be a four-episode anthology series, with the episodes being based on “Foreign Parts” (a story that, I swear to you, Barnes and Noble’s blog once described as “You know those days you wake up and you’re not sure your penis belongs to you anymore? I hate those days.”), “Feeders & Eaters,” “Closing Time,” and “Looking For The Girl.” Kevin Lehane is adapting the first three, and the pair who will direct the series, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, are writing the last. Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker will do the score, because why not.

Actually, the most interesting detail from Variety’s story is that Gaiman himself will appear in each episode in an “unusual way.” Given that each episode is supposedly about the act of telling stories, I’m kind of hoping he’s a creepy, omniscient storyteller-type. Or that he pulls a Hitchcock and you have to look really hard to find him. Either way.


Top image: From the cover of Gaiman’s Fragile Things.

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