Neon Bike Shelf Is a Fantastic Way to Stash Your Wheels

If you live in a city, a bike is one of the easiest, swiftest ways to get around. But storage is a big pain in a tiny apartment, and even a beautiful bike is not exactly a stylish piece of furniture. So this multi-faceted chartreuse shelf from Urbanspace Interiors is a thoughtful, space-saving way to stash your wheels in a compact corner or a narrow hallway.

The rack, at 48 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 80 inches high, has pegs to store the bike upright, as well as shelves for your helmet, keys, and bag. And the lightning yellow shock of stainless steel makes it totally unique. It's not on sale yet, but we've reached out to Urbanspace and will update when we have price and availability information. [Urbanspace Interiors]


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