Neoprine iPod Belt Keeps The Tunes Going While You Swim

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It appears that consumers will not be satisfied unless we can listen to music in every possible environment —even underwater. If you are an avid swimmer, you might be interested in this Neoprene Swimbelt to help you stay motivated with music while you exercise. The belt itself costs $39.99 but you have to buy the waterproof case separately for around $80 and waterproof headphones for around $40. That's how they get you —but at least you got to look at a woman with a sexy looking back. [Product Page and 7Gadgets]


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Broken Machine

hmm... I don't see a thing wrong with this. Why single out swimming as an activity that should not be enjoyed with music. I ride my bike with music, I drive my motorcycle with music and every now and again, run.....but damn, swimming is crossing the line.

Spend one hour in the pool churning laps while you hear kids screaming in the shallow end. My wife has an Otter box and waterproof earphones for just this reason.