Nerd, Brain Drink For Nerds, By Nerds

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If this Nerd Energy Drink could actually increase memory retention and "brain focus" as its makers claim, it would probably sell for $100 a can. But heck, if it makes you think you feel sharper, well, that's half the battle won already. The carbonated drink contains ingredients such as ginkgo biloba that may or may not give you more energy, but at least they've slipped a few vitamins in there, along with that trusty old standby, 80mg of caffeine.


We hear that nerds have plenty o' money, so they won't mind paying the steep price of two dollars per can for this stuff. And, you only get that deal if you buy it by the case. We're thinking a few cups of strong coffee might do just about the same thing.

Product Site [Nerd Energy, via Sci Fi Tech]

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I'd like to see an athlete try to use these sorts of drinks before play. If he/she doesn't die, she definitely will not win whatever game he or she is playing.