When you consider that a flask is supposed to be a secret way to smuggle contraband libations, an NES game cartridge doesn't immediately spring to mind as the most subtle design. But maybe that's the true brilliance behind these game cart recreations that you can fill with more than your cherished high scores.

After all, who's going to question what looks like a perfectly legit copy of Super Mario Bros. in your back pocket? Everyone loved that game, who wouldn't want to carry it around 24/7?


On closer inspection it actually appears to be a faux game called Bar-Hop Bros.; and you can get similar titles like Drunk Hunt, Castle Vodka, and Metal Beer that promise to calm your nerves instead of riling them up looking for that damn dungeon key. The flasks can be yours with a donation of $15 to $20 to this crowdfunding campaign, which is a far better idea than sacrificing your own antique cartridges. [Kickstarter]