Netbooks Dominate Amazon Laptop Sales

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Nine of the top ten selling notebooks on Amazon right now are netbooks. (The other spot is taken by Apple.) Call them underpowered, complain about their screens, but there's a reason why every PC manufacturer in the world has jumped on the netbook bandwagon.It should be noted, of course, that just because these systems rule Amazon, it doesn't mean they are outselling the entire industry. There's a good chance buyers are more apt to buy an Aspire One through a third party while they'll customize their more expensive laptop through Dell or HP. Still, a good showing from the little guy. [Amazon via MacRumors and Engadget]



I only make it one Apple PC in the top ten...

Not that it matters. I think people are just buying the netbooks for the cool factor at the moment and the fad wil die out soon enough.

That said, it should put paid to some of the dumbasses claiming that because Apple are usually number one on Amazon it actually means anything.