Netflix 2.0 for iPad Goes Beautifully Clutter-Free

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Netflix updated the UI on its iPad version of their iOS app yesterday and I have to say, it's pretty stellar. Now I have another reason to lie in bed and watch episodes of Archer.

The updated UI brings more content to the app's home page. The bottom menu bar is gone. Users flick up and down to see what they're currently watching, their instant queue, movies they may enjoy, and recently added movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, it looks like the iPhone hasn't gotten the new UI.


Good news for Latin America, Netlix 2.0 also brings the service to your glorious countries. There are also the usual bug and stability fixes blah blah blah. You'll need iOS 5 to enjoy the update. Which you will-for those of us who've been disappointed in the iPad's Netflix implementation, the overhaul is a welcome touch of minimalism and refinement. [iTunes]