Netflix Is About to Cost You More Money

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Netflix, the video streaming service no one can seem to quit despite its increasingly poor collection of titles, is about to hike up its prices.

Customers can expect a $1 to $2-per-month rise, depending on their plan of choice. Basic plans will go from $8 to $9; the next highest tier, which includes high-def streaming and multiple devices, will jump from $11 to $13; and the one absolutely no one pays for will cost $16 each month instead of $14—making it even more costly than HBO Now.

CNBC reports the changes will hit current subscribers within the next three months, while new subscribers get to cough up the extra buck or two immediately.


This is another reason to consider if it’s worth over $100 a year to half-heartedly leave Zumbo’s Just Desserts on for hours at a time.