Netflix Jumps Gun on Next Gen DVD

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Looks like Netflix isn't shy about taking sides for the next-generation DVD wars, though the company seems to think we won't be having one anytime soon. According to Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy, Blu-ray has already won over HD-DVD.

As many know there s been a format war. Two formats have been proposed as a successor to DVD, one sponsored by Warner primarily and one sponsored by Sony. Warner is HD-DVD and Sony is Blu-ray. I think it s pretty clear that Blu-ray has won. Even Warner has agreed to license and to release technology to Blu-ray, only Universal hasn t made a commitment at this point, so I think the format wars are a thing of the past and I think it s going to be Blu-ray. I think the content will get priced at a 20% premium. I think it s going to roll out slowly over time.


Well, that's certainly a plunge considering we haven't seen one Blu-ray product yet, but way to be a visionary, Barry!

Netflix Declares Blu-ray Winner [Zatznotfunny]

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