Netflix Quadrupling Blu-ray Selection, Possibly Increasing Prices

Illustration for article titled Netflix Quadrupling Blu-ray Selection, Possibly Increasing Prices

Good news for Blu-ray-adopting Netflix subscribers: the movies-by-mail service is quadrupling its Blu-ray library, increasing the number of titles from 400 to 1,500. Bad news for Netflix subscribers: this'll probably jack up the price.


It's not clear whether or not the price increase would be for everybody or just for people who have selected Blu-ray as their format of choice, but the more-expensive discs are costing Netflix a bundle to acquire, so that cost will be passed right on to the consumer. Not that any price increase has been confirmed, with Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy saying that "It seems apparent that content will cost us more. Whether we raise prices will be entirely a function of churn, subscriber acquisition costs and gross margins."

Price hike or no price hike, with popular Blu-ray titles often near-impossible to get without a huge wait, it's good news that they're adding to the library to make renting Blu-rays as fast as renting regular DVDs. Time will tell whether or not all of Netflix's customers will pay for the convenience of those who've upgraded to Blu-ray. [Video Business via Slashgear]


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