Netflix Is Considering Shorter Clips to Jumpstart Mobile Streaming

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We all love video streaming. No, we actually all do. Last June, a study concluded nearly half the U.S. subscribed to at least one video service, and arguably Netflix is king. But there is one small problem, Netflix's streaming content, for the most part, is at least 2o-ish minutes long, and those long lengths aren't very mobile friendly.

According to Gigaom, Netflix is testing ways to shrink down some of its streaming content to help boost mobile use. Netflix design manager Dantley Davis revealed the plan this Thursday. However, the company has no interest in butting heads with viral videos sites, like YouTube or Vimeo, and are definitely not flirting with the idea of user-submitted content. Instead, Netflix would trim the best scenes from films, stand-up comedy specials, and TV shows already its streaming collection.

Want to show your friend that awesome Michael Bay explosion scene? Netflix wants to wrench the idea out of your brain that YouTube would be the obvious default destination for fulling your overwrought CGI addictions. Short clips would also jibe well with Netflix's new ability to share recommendations to friends via Facebook.


Gigaom says that Netflix was prompted by the idea when research found that 87 percent of mobile sessions lasted less than 10 minutes. The company is currently testing this short-form idea with "positive results," and if it gets the green light, could start rolling out to subscribers in the coming months. [Gigaom]