Netflix's Icelandic Sci-Fi Movie Katla Looks Absolutely Baffling in the Best Way

A mysterious figure emerges from a volcano in Netflix's Icelandic movie Katla.
What kind of volcano produces creatures in addition to, like, smoke and lava? This one does!
Screenshot: Netflix

Iceland’s giant volcano Katla is overdue for a very, very large eruption. It’s kind of terrifying, but Netflix’s first-ever Icelandic movie, which is also titled Katla, manages to make the volcano look much more dangerous and infinitely creepier, as this first trailer shows.


Honestly, there’s so much going on in this trailer, none of it explained in the slightest, that Katla—both the movie and the volcano itself—is a profound enigma.

The official synopsis offers absolutely no help whatsoever: “You never really know what happens when a volcano erupts. The population of the Icelandic town Vik must face this a year after the eruption of the volcano Katla. Suddenly they are experiencing mysterious incidents that disturb the town piece [sic].”

I’m pretty sure scientists very much know what happens when a volcano erupts at this point, but they probably haven’t had to deal with volcanoes that abduct people only to return them a year later, produce doppelgangers, make cars flip over, and maybe spew out a monster or two? It’s utterly confusing, but damned if it hasn’t made me extremely interested in watching Katla when it comes to Netflix on June 17.

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This looks rad.

Having been to Iceland, you could film almost anything there and have it look good. If Battlefield Earth had been filmed in Iceland, it could have been... nevermind.