Our own resident James Bond, Nick Denton, loves Skype phones. He loves calling up important people all day with his Skypeout, knowing that thanks to the 1 (000) 012-3456 caller ID, nobody knows it's him. So what does he think of the Netgear SPH101 Skype phone?

• incoming and outgoing calls don't register

• call history doesn't synchronize between Skype on PC, and Skype phone

• keyboard a little clunky

• can't send sms texts

• takes over a minute to load up contacts

• contacts have to be reloaded every time Skype reconnects, which is
each time one switches networks

• standard typeface is gross, with poor kerning

Apart from that, the phone is excellent! I gave my sister, in London, a local number on which to call me. Free for her, because she has bundled local minutes. Free for me, apart from the number rental. And

the quality of the call was perfect.


We agree with him on just about all counts. It's great to have a Skype phone you can take with you wherever there's WiFi, but it does need a little polish—it's first generation technology after all.

It also looks like Amazon's lowered their price of $249 to $199 after $30 rebate. That puts it only $20 above the $179 offered for Belkin's, which has a release date of November 20. Estimated delivery is 1 to 2 weeks.

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