Netgear's Tiny VueZone Security Camera Can Work the Night Shift Now

Worried about midnight intruders? Netgear's VueZone camera—already a popular security solution—just got night vision powers.

The camera looks nearly identical to its predecessors; it's so small it fits in the palm of your hand, so you can move it pretty simply to any place in your house. But it's been imbued with an AC-powered infrared lamp, and a wire-free infrared camera so that you don't need to place it near an outlet. As with previous VueZone models, you can monitor it the action from an iOS or Android app.


A note of caution, though; this isn't a standalone. You'll need an existing VueZone system to run the night vision add-on, and it costs $130. Which still may not be a bad deal, depending on how much you value peace of mind.

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