Networked LED Blocks Build Amazing Lightshows

What you see above are Ledube bricks. Unplugged, they just look like abstract shapes in white. Clip them together and connect them up, however, and you have a pretty incredible light show. Video and more pics below.


Wowzers. I would like to have an entire wall in my house made up of Ledube bricks. The company behind it is Japanese LED giant Sankoflex, who will hire out the blocks to you for just under $5,000 per day, with an additional $2,400 for programming costs. The bricks, which can display 2.1 million colors on them, are for interior use only and have a network interface.

Uploading what you want on the bricks is easy—create your design on a PC using special software, then load it onto the system using an SD card. Admit it, the effect is pretty awe-inspiring. [Kilian-Nakamura]

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