Nevada Just Made Interstate Online Poker Legal

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Yesterday, Nevada officials rushed through a bill which makes interstate online poker legal. The decision will allow the state to form pacts with other states, allowing people to play legally across borders.


The Las Vegas Sun reports that Bill AB114—actually rushed through as an "emergency measure"— was passed unanimously in Assembly and Senate, then signed by governor Brian Sandova. Why the rush? Well, it wanted to beat fellow gambling-friendly state New Jersey, which will pass similar legislation next week.

Previously, the Federal Wire Act meant interstate gambling was illegal. But that changed in 2011, when the Court of Appeals decided that it only applied to sports betting. Nevada's new bill takes takes quite some advantage of that.

Of course, Nevada still has to convince other states to partner up with it, but officials are, apparently, confident that will come together quite easily. It could be a big step forward for online gambling—if, of course, Nevada's confidence is well placed. [Las Vegas Sun via Verge]

Image by Ross Elliot under Creative Commons license


Nice, now it's time to make those $5.99 all-you-can-eat buffets interstate as well :D