Never Be Without Electricity Again

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Should, for some reason, you find yourself away from a source of electricity—thus, unable to charge your essential survival items such as an iPod, DS, or PSP—this little number will surely be of use. From Sundance, the PowerFilm 10-Watt solar battery charger promises to harness the power of HUITZILOPOCHTLI for all your battery needs. Once available only to the military, the PowerFilm is only 10.3 inches long and 3.5 inches wide when folded. Unlimited energy is yours to own (provided HUITZILOPOCHTLI's not angry or obscured or anything) for a mere $299.

PowerFilm Foldable Solar Battery Charge [Cool Hunting]

PowerFilm 10-Watt Foldable Solar Battery Charger [Sundance Solar]


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