Nevermind Obama - Vote Anonymous in 2012

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LulzSec may have been in it for the laughs, but Anonymous has always claimed that its hack attacks and DDoS bombs are designed to push forward a liberating social agenda. "Hooey," you might say, "What about that time Anonymous harassed that kid with the No Cussing Club?" and we'd have no option but to nod our heads thoughtfully. Someone in the group takes the social message to heart, though; Anon recently announced a splinter political group called the Anonymous Party Of America, made for people who empathize with Anon's civil liberties message, but disagree with hacking the Church of Scientology.


Some elements in Anonymous disagree with the idea of Anon being a group, rather than a loose coalition. A tweet on Anonymous' @Anon_Central account says "Anonymous is not a f**king group or a party. If someone is telling you that they can lead this then you are getting butt f**ked and you don't even know it."

Whoa! Slow your horses, Anon – the Anonymous Party of America isn't looking to steal your DDoS thunder. Testudo Smith, a spokesman for the political splinter group, told ComputerWorld that "This (party) is just another group that wants to support the goals of Anonymous. It isn't going to replace it... We have no control over Anonymous as a whole. There aren't any leaders, and it would be futile to attempt to control Anonymous."

So what's the point, then? Smith, who apparently doesn't believe the "anonymous" part of "Anonymous," says that the political party's goals line up with what Anon's been asking for all along: transparency and accountability from the government and a focus on individual rights.

If you're picking up what Smith and the Anonymous Party are putting down, you can check out their website at, but you might want to give it a few hours; the server's not resolving at the time of publication. Google's cached different portions of the site, though, so you can check out their populist rants by going that route.

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"accountability from the government and a focus on individual rights"

Sounds like the tea party. The problem with this type of focus is that it fails to realize that not everyone is born with equal opportunity so society needs to help those who can't help themselves, like children, the elderly, the disabled and so forth.