New Boom Chair Nothing New

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This is the time of year when we start getting press releases about all the "new" things being shown at CES that are the same things that were shown last year — but with a new skin. Take the Boom Chair, for instance. This is a loungy-looking chair that moves and shakes you around, according to the audio input you've got it hooked up to. It works with game systems, of course, but you can also connect it to your home theatre system or MP3 player. This chair was shown at CES last year. What's new about it? Fabulous redesigned upholstery and a magazine rack on the side for whatever reading material you need to have on hand. Plus, it now has a rounded bottom, so it is a truly rocking chair (get it?). The Boom Cube has storage space inside for a console, and holes for the wires to come out of — just in case you didn't already have enough wires running across your living room floor. And the Cube rumbles too, because what good is the chair rumbling if you can't feel it on the soles of your feet? Products like this one get me all excited for another year of CES!

Boom Chair 2.0 [Product Page]


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