New Cable Technology Promises 4.5 Gbps Download, 575 Mbps Upload Speeds

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Watch out DSL providers, your fancy, schmancy fiber optic technology is about to be blown away by a cable telecommunications company from Suwanee, Georgia.

At the Cable Show 2011 conference in Chicago, ARRIS is demoing a new technology that delivers 4.5 Gbps download and 575 Mbps upload speeds over a cable connection. The system steals its bandwidth from DOCSIS cable channels, about 128 channels are pilfered for the downstream and 24 for the upstream connection.


Yes, that means you will receive 848 channels instead of 1,000, but who's complaining. By the time this proof of concept technology makes it to your cable router, most of us will be watching all our TV on Hulu, Netflix or some other IPTV provider anyway. [MaximumPC]