New Cheapo T-Mobile Plan Has Unlimited Talk & Text, 500MB Data for $40

Illustration for article titled New Cheapo T-Mobile Plan Has Unlimited Talk & Text, 500MB Data for $40

Looking for a cheap smartphone plan that favors talking over browsing? T-Mobile just rolled out an entry-level plan that lets you talk or text all you want, but limits you to 500MB of high-speed data for $40 a month.


The Simple Starter plan's 500MB of 4G LTE doesn't follow T-Mobile's usual practice of throttling users to slower data speeds once they've passed their cap. Instead, Simple Starter lets users buy day- or week-long data passes after they've hit their limit. Simple Starter also qualifies for T-Mobile's offer to pay your early termination fee if you switch from another carrier.

That $40-a-month price tag makes Simple Starter notably cheaper than Verizon 1GB and AT&T's 2GB bottom-shelf plans, both of which offer unlimited talk and text for $60. T-Mobile is quick to point out that other carriers' plans involve overage charges if you exceed the (pretty low) data caps.

T-Mobile's outspoken CEO John Legere says today's announcement is the first in a three-day spree of new offerings. Guess we'll see what the rest of the week has to offer from the "uncarrier." [T-Mobile]

Update: We originally reported that Simple Starter adhered to T-Mobile's data throttling once users passed their data caps. Several readers alerted us that this isn't the case, and Re/code confirms. We've updated the post.


When are Cell Providers going to relize they can't keep jacking up the price for GB's. A GB 5 years ago is a lot different than a GB today. Same amount of data but now a days a 5 minute video can be 1 GB with the type of quality we are looking at. I dont understand why cell providers are stuck in the past with data still but the phones they offer push for this kind of stuff. Today having a 1Gbit connection through Fiber is becoming the normal which encourages people to use and make larger webpages, photos, videos and to share more but the bottleneck is the provider... Get with it! Technology changes and results in better and faster connections which put less draw and stress on cell networks.