New EyeClops Adds Enhanced Zoom, Bug Sucking Vacuum

Illustration for article titled New EyeClops Adds Enhanced Zoom, Bug Sucking Vacuum

We just saw the EyeClops lineup for 2008, and it seems your days of magnifying everything in sight just got more fun (not to mention, much grosser). The next-gen EyeClops looks like last year's model but comes with three different zoom lenses, so you can see what your zits look like in 100x, 200x, or 400x. Joining the new 'Clops is a bug-sucking vacuum with a detachable top that can be mounted to any EyeClops (including the new BioniCam model) for hours of insect torture study. The EyeClops is still $50, and the Bug Vac can be yours for $15 when they arrive in the fall. [EyeClops]



I use my regular vacuum to suck up bugs, not for observation, but for DEATH. The hose extension works well on Wasps and other critters that dont land on horizontal surfaces to be swatted, but just buzz across the ceiling looking for a victim. Then I let the Hoover run for 10 mins to make sure they are dead since I dont want them to escape and plot revenge.