New Gamer Trailer Shows You How To Use Jazz Hands To Control Your Avatar Killer

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The latest trailer for Gamer gives us the run-down on all the virtual amenities available to the rich — who own human puppets, which they can control via Bob Fosse choreography. Check out Michael C. Hall's moves.

It's going to be very hard for me not to bust out the "Cool" and "Crazy" West Side Story call outs during Gamer, because the user-controlling movements make me laugh every single time. In fact I think there is an off button that makes the avatar slump over with one elbow protruded out "no stings attached" style, and then it's all about N'Sync, and well, I'm just going to be singing through this flick about death row inmates being forced to kill each other whilst being controlled by their teen users.

What I am enjoying about this futuristic film is the rolodex of ladies available, how many of those women you wanna bet are being controlled by the machine, or one really sick puppy pimp who just has an army of mind-wiped prostitutes. All speculation, of course, but the possibilities are endless! Gamer is out on September 4th.