New Heat-Reflecting Technology Threatens to Make Incandescent Bulbs Fashionable Again

I know, I know. Tech writers spent all this time hyping CFLs, and now it's possible that incandescent bulbs might be acceptable again thanks to a new technology that seals the filament in a special, heat-reflecting inner-capsule? The nerve!

The NY Times' Green Inc. blog says the inner capsule of these new bulbs, developed by California-based Deposition Sciences, is coated with a material that is able to reflect the heat back onto the filament, part of which is converted back into light. This technology, currently featured in Philips Halogena Energy Savers line, has resulted in the bulb using 30% less power and lasting 3x longer than normal incandescents.


And what about CFLs you ask? Yes they're still about 2.5x more efficient than these new incandescent bulbs. But these new bulbs will get more efficient with time, don't take forever to warm up to full brightness, don't make your home feel like a lab or mental institution and don't contain mercury (famed destroyer of Jeremy Piven and all-around, pain-in-the-ass substance to dispose of). But they also cost $5 a bulb. [Green Inc. via Slashdot]

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