New iMacs First to Use Intel Montevina Chipset?

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On the surface, the new iMacs just look like a speed bump, there's actually something pretty interesting under the number splooge: It's the first system we know of to use Intel's Montevina chipset, which actually isn't due until June. Even though the release doesn't namedrop Montevina, the 1066MHz front-side bus with processor speed up to 3.06GHz tells us it's the case, since Santa Rosa's FSB only hits 800. Which means you should see a solid performance boost in these babies, not just better efficiency. Wonder how Apple swung getting their hands on the chips before anyone else. Update: TGDaily says they're not quite Montevina-era, but unreleased chips no one else has, with the only difference from actual Montevina-oriented CPUs being these run 11 watts higher on thermal power design. [New iMacs on Giz]