New Incase DSLR Bags Aren't So Ridiculous Looking

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If you havent noticed over the last year, Incase have been knocking their messenger/laptop/skateboarding bags out of the park with products that are equally techie and stylish. Their new DSLR bags are no exception.

A cursory scan of camera bags on Amazon will reveal that they all pretty much look like crap from a design standpoint. Yes, they get the job done, but if you're more of a hobbyist and not so much of a photo pro, you still might want to attempt to blend in with the rest of society. Which is why Carrying Case and Sling Pack bags are refreshing—to the naked eye, they more or less just look like normal bags.

The Carrying Case is meant for a single camera and lens, plus a couple of small accessories. The Sling Pack has room for additional lenses and flashes, and as the name imples, fits like a messenger bag. Both bags are professional-grade water resistant products that will sell for $60 (Carrying Case) and $80 (Sling Pack). [Incase via Uncrate]