New MacBook Airs Coming in June with Thunderbolt?

According to Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whom AppleInsider says has proven sources in Apple's supply chain, new MacBook Airs will go into mass production in May. This corroborates with a previous report saying a summer release for new MacBook Airs were likely. That update is expected to bring Sandy Bridge processors and Kuo expects Thunderbolt to pop up too. [AppleInsider]


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I got the most recent 13" and I think I'm gonna wait for Ivy Bridge to upgrade. I feel tempted to get the new processor upgrade in June. But once Ivy comes out it will support USB 3.0, and hopefully have the graphics card situation improved. I dunno, still might not have the willpower to not have the newness. Mmm thunderbolt! I just think it would be sweet to have USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt with decent graphics and a fast processor in a Ultra Portable for further "future-proofing" aka pipe dream.