New Nikon D800 May Shoot Ridiculously Large 36MP Photos

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Obviously no one told Nikon about the megapixel myth. According to leaked details, the yet-to-be-announced new Nikon D800 DSLR will pack a whopping 36MP of image information onto your SD and CF cards.


Nikon Rumors reports that Japanese camera site, digicame-info posted specs of the new Nikon D800 on their site on September 29. Nikon Rumors was hesitant to post the information until they received additional information about the camera. They are now confident that the new Nikon will be called the D800 and will include a 36MP sensor.

The D800 is also rumored to shoot 1080p video at 30fps, shoot four frames-a-second bursts, sport a larger LCD display, and support both SD and CF cards. Nikon Rumors says that they cannot confirm the rest of specs on the Japanese site. The Nikon D800 is expected to put a $4000 hole in your bank account. That's about $111 a megapixel. [digicame-info via Nikon Rumors]


Luke Bhothipiti

36MP? I hope not.

Nikon turned the photographic world on it's head by introducing the D3 with "only" 12 MP and high ISO performance that remains at the top of the heap nearly 4 years later. The D3s update only showed how well the large sensor + low MP count formula works with a system that's a full stop more usable over the outgoing model.

For those looking for high MP counts, you've got the D3X, which let's face it- the majority of won't be shot at anything higher than ISO1600.

The point is that I hope Nikon wouldn't mess with the formula that put them so far ahead of the game in the first place. Yes, a slight bump in MP would be nice (16-18 MP would probably be the sweet spot) but not a tripling of it. That's just ludicrous.