New Oculus Rift Teardown: This Thing Pushes Its Guts to the Max

The new Oculus Rift, codenamed Crystal Cove, may only be for developers—but it is oh-my-god good. Now, iFixit had ripped it apart so we can see what powers it.


We already knew that the second Developer Kit from Oculus Rift packed a new 1080p display and a bunch of sensors for its new positional tracking. But there's plenty more under the skin. Here are the highlights:

  • First, some peripheral detail: The Rift's HDMI cable features an in-built Spectra7 VR7100 chips to enable it to handle video formats up to 4K 60p. Nice!
  • The cable also features an NCP 374 overvoltage protection device, so even if the Rift's action gets hot and bothered, your face will stay safe.
  • Inside, there's a veritable jungle of ribbon cables connecting the many IR LEDs on the outside of the case.
  • The motherboard is all-new, neat and dripping in goodies, from an Ultra-low-power Cortex chip to gyros and accelerometers that power its new sensing abilities.
  • Less excitingly, the display is actually taken from a... Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Still, that is a great display and handling 75 Hz refresh rates, that means that Oculus is overclocking the display above its standard 60Hz. Naughty!

All-in, the new Rift grabs a very respectable 9 out of 10 for repairability from iFixit. Now, all we really, really want is to get our hands on the consumer version. Please, Zuck? [iFixit]


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