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Giga, meaning really big, is the prefix for the new Sony PSP goody bag in Japan. The Sony PSP Giga Pack, otherwise known as the PSP-1000G1, will include the black PSP bundled with a 1GB Pro DUO Memory Stick, a USB cable and all the rest of the stuff we got here in the US. Oh, minus the white strap, cause Sony thinks we want custom straps to go with our PSPs (the company released a set of straps in different colors and designs). And if you'd rather sport the white PSP, look for the PSP-1000G1CW. Goes on sale 17 November for $260 in Japan.

Update: The Gigapack will be available stateside in November for $299. It comes with a new PSP stand, otherwise it's got most of the same gear inside the box. Sony also announced a PSP branded 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo that will come out later this year.


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