You'll have to go see the new Muppets movie to see it in its entirety (not that you need another reason) but here's a first look at Pixar's new Toy Story short Small Fry which finally gives us a look at what life is like for those crappy, and quickly forgotten, fast food toys.

In the short Buzz Lightyear is kidnapped by a smaller, happy meal version of himself who yearns to be played with like a real toy, escaping the fate of being discarded and forgotten once a child's burger and fries are done. And while he tries to take Buzz's place, the space ranger is trapped at the restaurant, forced to deal with a support group for fast food toys. Including my new favorite character T-Bone, based on McDonald's awesome Changeables.


Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack and of course John Ratzenberger all lend their voices to the short, and I'm hoping McDonald's has a tie-in with happy meal versions of all the happy meal toys. Collect them all! [YouTube via IWatchStuff]

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