New Transformers 3 Trailer: Why's Optimus Prime angry?

Optimus Prime doesn't sound real happy about the American military hiding stuff about giant robots on the Moon. Now somebody's got to clean up the mess — and it's him. Or it. Or whatever. You know, because he's a giant truck that turns into a robot.


Here's the first full trailer of Michael Bay's third film in the Transformers saga. It's called Transformers: Dark of the Moon and won't include any Pink Floyd when it hits theaters July 1st.

Despite the lack of Floyd, it does look like the flick includes a giant metal dragon. And a giant skyscraper-crushing boa constrictor. And Chevrolets, but less Chevrolets than the last film. Oh, and Shia LeBeefcake and some girl who isn't Megan Fox.

But at least there's one cool thing we can report:

Yup, that's Shockwave. Sweet.



Two things:

1. Ok they got rid of megan fox but is this new love interest shoehorned in or just replacing the actor and playing the same character? I remember they did that in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with Evelyn and it was so jarring throughout the entire movie.

2. Has the Autobots finally given the human race any way to defend ourselves after we keep getting attacked and having no real form of defense when they have useful technology? Optimus keeps saying humans are too destructive when his race keeps killing us and themselves.