New Tron-like smart highway has lines that glow in the dark

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The first stage of Smart Highways—a project created by Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and Hejmans Infrastructure—is finally completed and looks amazing. Located at N329 in Oss, Netherlands, this futuristic road has lines that glow in the night and charge during the day. Increasing driver's visibility and safety.

But this is only the beginning, since plans for the use of light in Smart Highways go much further according to Roosegaarde:

The first Smart Highway is Glowing Lines which are lines that charge at day-time, and glow at night for eight hours. Here the landscape becomes energy-neutral and a poetic experience. The first pilot of Glowing Lines has been realized at N329 in Oss (Netherlands) and will be further launched international. New designs include 'Dynamic Paint', 'Interactive Light', 'Induction Priority Lane' and 'Road Printer'. The goal is to make roads which are more sustainable and interactive by using light, energy and road signs that automatically adapt to the traffic situation.


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