New V Is Really About People, Aliens, BSG

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Wondering where to get your science fictional allegory fix in a world without Battlestar Galactica? ABC's new reboot of V is stepping up to the plate - and they're also aiming to fix our issues with the pilot.

V executive producer Scott Peters has revealed that concerns over the alien Visitors not seeming impressive or powerful enough has led to reshoots for the pilot episode screened at Comic-Con, which we reviewed last month, and the addition of some new alien technology... and added that fans should expect to see much more of that kind of thing in the future:

"What we're determined to do is introduce a little bit, a new piece of alien tech, Visitor tech, try to do it every episode. Certainly try to give a little bit of culture, peel back the onion of what their mandate is, what's really behind it, what's really going on, and just see the political stuff that goes on aboard the ship, just like we have political stuff underneath the ship.


Alien in-fighting? Political stuff within the ranks of the good guys? Sounds suspiciously similar to Battlestar's special formula, but that may be because Peters shares Galactica producer Ron Moore's aversion to space opera cliche:

To us, the characters drive the show. Yes, it's set against this huge science fiction backdrop, but I can watch spaceships for a couple of minutes and be, 'Yeah, it's cool. Now what have you got?' I can watch an action sequence for a couple of minutes and go, 'That's great. Now what have you got?' Characters have to be the thing that drive the show and that you really invest in, and when you do have the action sequences and you do come to the new technology, it's just icing on the cake.


We're calling it right now: Elizabeth Mitchell's character is going to die at the end of the third season, and come back as an ambiguous ghost/angel/figment of Lee's imagination.

V premieres in November.

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