New VOIP Feature: 911 Calls You

Yeah, 911 is a joke in your town, so it's nice to know about family emergencies at home when you're away. Ooma's new notification service helps make that happen that, pinging you remotely when your home phone calls 911.

Ooma (that Internet phone service Ashton Kutcher was trying to sell you until it Punk'd him off to the unemployment line) announced a new service today that sends an email or text message to up to three addresses as soon as anyone dials 911 from one of its phones. So, for example, if your latchkey child bangs his little head and calls the ambulance while you're out drinking, Ooma shoots you a text or an email message letting you know someone made an emergency call. Which is great news, because it means you can spend even more time shirking your parental responsibilities. It's free to anyone who has Ooma's premium service, which is $10 a month after the initial $250 purchase price.


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