NewEgg Black Friday Deals Leak

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Some of NewEgg's Black Friday offers have surfaced and while we don't know everything yet, a few of the deals we're seeing, such as a 2TB HDD for $150, are looking pretty good.


According to Logic Buy, these deals are subject to change and there are more offers to come. We'll be keeping an eye out for changes and update as necessary.

Pre-Black Friday (Starts Midnight PST on Monday 11/23)

Canon DC410 DVD Camcorder $199.99 (list: $279.99)
Antec 300 PC Case $49.95 (list $69.95)
Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive $149.99 (list: $179.99)
Monster 16ft High Speed HDMI Cable $29.99 (list: $54.99)
Viewsonic 8" Digital Photo Frame $49.99 (list: $69.99)
Logitech RX1500 3-Button Laser Mouse $12.99 (list $27.99)
Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II Speakers $69.99 ($149.99)
Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard $43.99 (list $63.99)
Sparkle GeForce 8400GS PCI-E Low-Profile Video Card $19.99 (list $34.99)

Black Friday (starts 11/25 at 3PM PST)

10% Cash Back starts at 3PM PST on all products on
7" Digital Photo Frame $29.99
HDMI Cable - 6 FEET $1.99 after MIR
46" 1080P 120Hz LCD TV $699.99
430W ATX 12V Power Supply $16.99

[Logic Buy]



2 terabytes... 2... terabytes...

What could you possibly need that much storage for? Please, would someone enlighten me. I'm sure it is possible to fill it up, but with what? Movies? Why do you need so many movies? Music? How much music can you possibly know and listen to? Oh, wait, silly me. Porn.