Nexilux 3-In-1 Mini Guitar Hero Instrument Is Like Assembling a Sniper Rifle

Sometime early next month, Nexilux is planning to release this mini retractable guitar that works on the PS2, PS3 and the Wii for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. Plus, putting it together makes you feel cool. [Nexilux]


Broken Machine

No 360 love, huh? Do want.

I've modded my RB guitar a bit, with better behaving Overdrive sensors and foot pedal support via RJ45, as well as better action on the strum bar and replacement fret buttons. I like playing with MY guitar and hate having to use friends' hand-me-downs. HOWEVER, seeing how my Motorcycle is my only form of transportation, and I refuse to sling this thing on my back for a 100 mile drive, I would enjoy this thing a LOT. Hell, just let me break down an RB guitar like the GH guitar and I'd be happy.