Next-Gen Intel Notebook Platform "Calpella" Details

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The Intel platform in notebooks hitting shelves at this moment is Montevina, the first to go by the Centrino 2 moniker. Though it's fresh out the door, Digitimes supposedly has some details on Calpella, the one that'll follow it next summer.


It's for the second generation of their upcoming Nehalem based processors (specifically Clarksfield and Auburndale), and it'll drop Intel's current northbridge and southbridge chipset arrangement-stuff like the memory controller will be integrated with the CPU (AMD style) for more bandwidth and lower latency, while a single integrated chipset codenamed Ibex Peak-M picks up the rest of the slack.

Wireless will be pretty similar to Montevina, with two wireless module options-Pumka Peak will have 802.11 a/b/g/n while Kilmer Peak will roll with WiMax. [Digitimes via Inquirer



I always say that you should buy the best of what's available & affordable now & wait as long as possible before upgrading.

If you wait for the Calpella units to be shipping, Intel will be tempting you w/ what is then 12 months out (or what they would like to have on the market in 12 months)