Next-Gen Tomy Heli-Q RC Helicopter Takes to the Skies Next Month

Japanese toy giant Tomy says it's about to roll out the next generation in tiny copters, and it's calling this one the Heli-Q. The company says this is the world's smallest radio controlled toy helicopter, but other than its smaller size, its specs seem similar to those of Picco-Z Styrofoam helicopters we've flown before. The Picco-Z took a 20-minute charge of its battery to give us an eight-minute flight, but Tomy conservatively says this Heli-Q will fly for five minutes on each charge.


We like its bubble-front design, which looks a lot cooler than those Jet Ranger replicas we've tested. There are no photos of its remote control, but from the looks of its rotors it may have the same control system as the Picco-Z, too. Tomy didn't quote price, but said the Heli-Q will hit the market next month, just in time for the annual Christmas buying spree. [Tiscali News, via Spluch]


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