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We're not really gearheads or grease monkeys, but our Gawker brothers at Jalopnik convinced us to tell you about the next Toyota Prius, since we all know that it's really just one big gadget. Anyway, they're telling us the next Prius might be a firebreather, where its 1.8-liter engine could be turbocharged. Meanwhile, its hybrid system will get more-efficient lithium ion batteries, and all this adds up to mileage that is said to be over 100 miles per gallon.

We're also hearing Toyota is thinking of giving you the option of plugging in the new Prius in addition to its hybrid capabilities, letting you top off the batteries while it's parked, further increasing its efficiency. So, let's get this straight: not only will this hybrid car go faster than the current version, it'll get better gas mileage and have lower emissions? Sounds like the best of all worlds to us, and then there are those great techie toys inside, too. No word on when this next-gen hybrid will be shipping.


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