Screenshot: Google Maps

Troubling news from the Bay Area. Kids there have evidently discovered that, if they combine themselves and hide in a trench coat, they can attempt to buy beer. Thankfully, a vigilant user of the hyperlocal social network platform Nextdoor was able warn us of the cunning ruse.

“Two kids on each others shoulder wearing a raincoat trying to buy beer,” began the post by user Marcus Ronaldi. Ronaldi explained that the kid-plus-kid combo tried to get him to buy beer for them at a Daly City gas station, with the suspicious figure claiming he’d left his ID at the “detective agency.”


“He told me that he was investigating people claiming to be with the Illuminati,” Ronaldi wrote.

Screenshot: Nextdoor

It remains unclear if the kids have made any progress in their investigation into the Illuminati or if this is all part of a broader (more understandable) effort to obtain beer.

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