NFC Payments May Finally Be Heading To Restaurants

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Mobile payments are great and all, and Apple Pay has certainly helped things along, but there are still lots of barriers in place before smartphones become the ubiquitous way of pay. Verifone is looking to breakdown some of those walls with its new mobile point of sale (mPOS) payment terminal.


Called the PAYWare Mobile e355 (ok, not the greatest name) does a few things unlike previous mobile payment terminals that have come before it. First, it focuses on more than just one OS and supports Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. That means Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or third-party players like Softcard for Windows Phone will all be accepted with the same device.

Second, it's designed to upgrade as smartphones upgrade, meaning restaurants and other businesses can rest easy knowing whatever Apple or Samsung dream up for 2015 and beyond won't make their pricey gear obsolete.

There are a few caveats to all the this mobile payment good news. Verifone's new device won't ship until late summer 2015 and will most likely be a hefty investment, since the company seems to be focusing on "larger retailers." Exactly what "larger" means is uncertain, but I wouldn't except your favorite family-owned greasy spoon to be getting one of these any time soon. [9to5Mac]


As a server, I'd like this. My guests wouldn't be able to take the wrong copy of the credit card slip with them and leave me no tip, and the busser wouldn't be able to screw up and throw it away. That being said, I can't see many restaurants being quick to adopt these, since mobile payments are still a couple years away from being really mainstream.