NHK's 8K TV Spawns a Pair of Virtual Hi-Def Binoculars

NHK's Super Hi-Vision 8K technology certainly makes for breathtaking demos. But you can do more than just melt eyeballs with a resolution of 7680x4320. Since that's exactly 16 times as much resolution as a 1080P signal, NHK has cooked up a pair of prototype virtual HD binoculars that let users zoom in on ultra hi-def footage.

The zoom range is limited to just 16 times magnification, but because an 8K signal has so much resolution, the user always sees an HD image instead of the pixelated mess that's usually associated with zooming in on moving footage. NHK has even made the prototype, which they've been demoing at CEATEC, fully 3D so that when zooming in on demo footage of Mount Fuji it feels like you're really there. Even if one day you're only checking out the sights of Tokyo from the comfort of your living room.



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