Nicaragua, Costa Rica Still Butting Heads Over Google Maps Border Error

Nicaragua scoffed at an Organization of American States (OAS) condemnation regarding their Google Maps border incursion this weekend, and why shouldn't they? Even Reuters was calling the measure a "toothless exhortation." Coming soon: Google War?

Google, for its part, has since corrected the error, which they blamed on faulty U.S. State Department data.


That faulty data was responsible for an "accidental invasion" earlier this month, as it incorrectly ceded nearly 1.7 miles of Costa Rican territory to Nicaragua. The territory in question, coincidentally, also happens to be a contested hotspot that's seen controversy and friction between the two nations for more than 100 years. Oops!

The OAS resolution, called "toothless" in Reuters coverage, was summarily dismissed by Nicaragua, which contends the "invasion" was just security officials conducting drug raid operations in the region. One of its deputy foreign ministers, not named, said the OAS "did not have authority to rule on border disputes," Reuters reports. Also, Costa Rica has no standing army. Wonder what's going to happen next? [Reuters]


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