Nicolas Cage Channels his Best Deranged Cop in This Trailer for The Humanity Bureau

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In my heart of hearts, Nicolas Cage will always be the traumatized, completely out of his mind cop from the terri-mazing Wicker Man remake. But his act in The Humanity Bureau is a close second.

In this trailer for the film, a dystopian film slated for release on April 6th, Cage shows the full range from authoritative rage to “My god, what have we done?” horror. It’s hard to know what to make of this movie—anything with “New Eden” as a name for an actual narrative element can’t be taken that seriously. But there’s some interesting stuff here: evil resettlement colonies, running from the government... uh, drones.


But, of course, I’m mostly just here to see Nic Cage be Nic Cage. And he does not disappoint. Watch below.