Night Before Christmas Mobile Light Comes Out 299 Days Early

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I'm not sure whether this Night Before Christmas mobile night light will work for Tim Burton fans who are scared of the dark. Switch the $21.99 light on and little silhouettes of Jack Skellington and his chums will glide silently across your bedroom ceiling all night long. The light, which looks like a crystal ball, runs on two AA batteries and is an officially-licensed product from Japan. [ThinkGeek]


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NightMARE before Christmas is more of a Halloween movie. So it wouldn't be 299 days early, it would be 245 days early.

Unless of course you consider the fact that Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise is extremely popular nowadays (especially with the Hot Topic crowd), and it really isn't a seasonal ting at all.

When the movie first came out, it wasn't popular at all. I bought a bunch of stuff on clearance for $1.99. Now many of those items I paid two bucks for are worth hundreds of dollars.