Nike+ Gym Equipment Coming July

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Following up on the promise made back in March, Apple and Nike have integrated Nike+ iPod technology into gym equipment. 24 Hour Fitness, the largest fitness chain in the US, will be the first to roll out the equipment to select locations across the country starting in July. [BusinessWire]


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I'm looking foward to this. We have a 24 Fitness membership through my work that's on the cheap. I found my Nike+ chip doesn't record the same amount of miles run as the treadmill indicates. If I run 5 on the treadmill, my Nano says I've only run 4.5 even after setting the height, weight and calibration settings. Can't short change me anymore biotch!

The day that dumbells come with LCD screen readouts, accelerometers to record reps and sets, and WiFi to link with an iPod/iPhone will be the day I quit my job in advertising and go open a gym in silicon valley.