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Nike has always been like Chubbs was to Happy Gilmore, helping you improve your golf game. But now it wants to do it digitally—it just earned a patent to put data-collecting sensors in clubs that would track your swing.


In one form, an analysis of your swing would be shown on a screen located on the back of the club's head. Nike thinks this would help with custom fitting, making it more accurate and efficient. But if you're a club-throwing Gilmore type who gets incensed when your game is off, you might want to consider something less breakable.

Nike was also granted a patent last week for data collecting shoes that would monitor how far and how fast you're running or walking. For some of us it would confirm what we already know—we run a 15 minute mile. The data would be sent automatically to your phone or computer. Nike has sensors in a lot of other products— it already has a chip you can put in shoes that analyzes your run and sends the info to your iPod. But with the new patent, your kicks would come pre-fitted with these sensors. And maybe, just maybe, they could help you become less of a slowpoke.


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