Nikon D200 Reviewed (Verdict: Pretty Rawkin)

That Loch Ness of Digital SLRs, the Nikon D200, has finally emerged from the rumor swamp. This beast is a 10.2-megapixel professional camera designed for taking excellent quality pictures, as expected, but carries a bit of a steep pricetag at $1699. What do you get for that? A nice large 2.5-inch LCD display, 11 area Multi-CAM AF system, and 1005 pixel 3D matrix metering. It also features WiFi transmission options and Nikon
s i-TTL Creative Lighting System. Into action photography? 5 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting is part of the package. The D200 doesn't feel like a cheap Fisher Price toy and has rugged, solid construction made from magnesium alloy. Overall, it's a pretty sexy camera with a high price tag that will keep you satisfied for awhile.

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