Nikon: We Want to Change the Concept of Cameras With a Non-Camera

Nikon might be better know for their point-and-shoots, but it seems to be wanting to diversify—and it's contemplating releasing products that are less camera and more... something else.

Talking to Bloomberg, Nikon's president Makoto Kimura explained that he knew the number of people dropping compacts in favor of smartphones was "exploding". His solution? To "create a product that will change the concept of cameras" with a new device which "could be a non-camera consumer product."


He also added that the company was planning to roll out such a device within the next five years. It's not really clear at all what he means by all of this, but it seems likely that there's going to be some kind of camera-smartphone cross pollination going on. Still, it sounds like it'll be interesting to see what comes out of Nikon's labs. [Bloomberg]Image by Prashant_sh under Creative Commons license

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